Complimentary Soda, Peanuts, and Irony

As classes begin on Monday, I had to fly back to school today from Texas. Unfortunately, I noticed an old acquaintance by the name of Todd would also be travelling on my flight. Now, I think this Todd fellow is a nice guy; I don’t dislike him. But he can be rather awkward in conversation. While boarding the plane, I prayed that my seat would not be next to his. I can stand talking to him for short periods of time, but I think having to converse for several hours would severely test my patience.

When I had been checking my bag and acquiring my reserved ticket, I was asked if I wanted to change my seat assignment as there were some open seats left, for free of course. My original seat had been 27B, an aisle seat on the left. There were a few other open seats, most of them middle seats. However, there was one other aisle seat open: 23D, on the right. Naturally, I decided to switch my seat assignment to this seat as it would allow me to deplane slightly earlier. I felt quite happy about this small stroke of good luck.

But as I was boarding the plane, I thought, “What if Todd is also in row 23, which could have been avoided had I not changed my seat assignment? Dear God, please don’t do that to me!” As it turns out, he was not only in row 23, but in seat 23E, which was the middle seat right next to mine!

Luckily, he did not recognize me. This could be due to the fact that I cut off most of my hair (it used to be long; now I have a bob). It could also be due to the fact that I was wearing my glasses instead of contact lenses. I typically wear contacts while I am at school. It could also be due to the fact that I never looked at him directly and tried to keep my now short hair somewhat in my face so that he wouldn’t have the chance to recognize me!

Anyway, while I was on the plane, I thought to myself, “What if he is also taking the shuttle back to campus, like I am? How will I avoid him then? He will hear them call my name, and he will recognize me as the girl who sat next to him on the plane, and surely he will think me quite mean for ignoring him!” Luckily, this was not the case. His grandparents came for him, and thus I could travel by shuttle in peace.


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