Fired Up

Ok, I should probably cool off a bit before I write this. But I won’t.

So, over the holidays, I dropped my Amazon Fire Phone face first onto tile flooring, resulting in a very spider-webbed cracked screen. Luckily, I got insurance for my phone, so I filed a claim. Unluckily, the only option was to replace my messed up phone with a brand new one, costing roughly $200. So I decided to shop around, see if any repair places could fix the screen for cheaper. Apparently the Amazon Fire Phone screen is incredibly difficult to replace because all the places I checked had a $200 price-tag just to fix the screen. I would rather get a new phone for that price.

So I finished out my insurance claim last week. My new phone was mailed out immediately, and I received it today. Very exciting. Problems arose when I tried to activate the new device since it came with its own SIM card. Every time I logged into the AT&T website and selected the activation link for Insurance Replacements, the site would log me out and force me to log back in. However, when I did try to log back in the site would take me to an error page. Every. Single. Time. I tried this multiple times, through different browsers, disabling my ad blockers, etc. No luck. Finally, I just gave up and called customer service, which was difficult for me because I am an introvert who abhors phone conversations, particularly with strangers. Anyway, once I got through the automated system to an actual customer service representative, I was told that Customer Care closes at 9 pm. It was 10:30 pm. I did not even open my new phone until around 9. Thankfully, the rep gave me a number and instructions to call in the morning.

I guess the main point of this is that I hate the AT&T website. Not only did it take me in circles just to find the activation page I was looking for, but it kept logging me out, forcing me to log back in, and displaying error messages. To top it all off, there is no place anywhere on the site to register complaints. I don’t usually bother with complaints or comments, but the frustration caused by my trying to navigate their site has pushed me to it. When I call tomorrow morning, if the rep can’t direct me to a place where I can complain, consider this my official complaint:

Dear AT&T Website People (or, To whom it may concern):

Your website is terrible. You should all be fired, or at least demoted. Please read the above blog post to understand why I hate your website so much. I am seriously so close to switching service providers just so I do not have to deal with your crappy website. I do not normally use profanities, but trying to navigate your site pushed me into using some of the worst of oaths. And there were tears, of both immense frustration and unbridled anger. I was yelling at my laptop screen (probably to my suitemates’ chagrin). I had the intense urge to break something AT&T related, but the only thing I had was my new phone, which for obvious reasons I did not wish to damage. If I don’t end up switching providers, I may just have to custom order fine china plates with the AT&T logo emblazoned on them just so I have something satisfying and worthless to break every time I use your website.

Seriously, fix it.

Anonymously and with a firm handshake (and maybe a slap upside the head),

Lichenut (aka not my real name)


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