Official Drink of Hell

Disclaimer: Please Don’t Read this: I have shamed myself! Seriously, I actually posted this as two different posts under different names. I deleted the other one because this one includes an update.

Tequila is the Devil’s brew.

Yes, I am certainly buzzed as I write this. I hope my family isn’t reading this because, heck, it’s probably terrible.

I went bowling tonight, with other NROTC folks. It was an “FAC” or “Friday After Class” event. We ate pizza, and those of us who are 21 may have had something to drink [I had one rum (spiced) with coke. It was stronger than I usually like).

[Aside: As I write this, I notice my terrible spelling and grammar, effects of the tequila no doubt. I am not too drunk to not notice, so I am able to fix most of my mistakes. But I definitely feel the buzz.]

I am not a big fan of tequila. So why did I drink it? The answer is simple: I bought it so I could make margaritas and tequila sunrises. The problem is I ran out of margarita mix, orange juice, and grenadine.  But I had about a quarter bottle of tequila leftover. Don’t ask me how much that was, because I do not know. I just know it was enough to put me somewhere between tipsy and flat out drunk.

Why did I drink it? That’s kind of a long story.

I keep a coin jar. It’s actually a coin cup, but the idea is the same. I throw all my loose change into it, and then count it near the end of the semester. This time, I took all my nickels, dimes, and quarter (I left the pennies) and I used them in the school vending machines. I only had fifty cents leftover. I bought Doritos, an ice cream sandwich, and two bottles of soda. I actually Googled what sodas mix well with tequila. Orange soda was one option. So I bought one bottle of Fanta Orange and one bottle of Coca-Cola. I mixed my remaining tequila with the Fanta Orange. It was not a good idea.

See, I misjudged how much tequila I had left, and how strong the flavor was. When I mixed half a bottle of soda with tequila, the mix was too strong. When I eventually added the rest of the bottle and a splash of tequila, the mix was just right. Then I added the rest of the tequila, and it was back to horrible drinks. Why I finished it, I will never know. But I did, and here we are.

Needless to say, I am never buying my own tequila again. If I want a margarita or tequila sunrise, I won’t make it myself. As far as shelf liquor goes, I am sticking to spiced rum because I can at least stand the taste of that stuff straight up.

Anyway, I paused Netflix in order to write this post. I was in the middle of the fourth episode of Daredevil, but I can’t finish it now. I’m too tipsy. I will watch Avatar: The Last Airbender instead (I have been re-watching this series, and I am in the third and final season!). I cannot watch Daredevil in this condition. I simply cannot pay attention to the subtitles when those brothers speak Russian.

Dadgum, I wish I could just finish this episode already!

Update: So that was Friday Night. It’s now Sunday morning. I was out of town on Saturday until now, so I did not have a chance to reread what I had written. It is surprisingly not bad, considering how difficult it was to type at the time.

But I still think Tequila is the drink of the devil. Never buying it again, that’s for sure.


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