Roommates… amirite?

I have already mentioned that I am well on my way to becoming a hermit. But I think I should outline why I dislike my roommates.

First, I have had good roommates, who did not bother me any more than my own family does. I have also had some awful roommates, who were crazy and I hope I never see them again. I am not talking about either of these groups, but rather the roommates I am apathetic toward.

See, right now I am trapped in my room. My roommates and their annoying boyfriends are sitting in the common area, just chatting. I am terribly hungry, but I don’t want to leave my room because

a) I don’t want to interact with anyone,

b) My hair ain’t combed, and I ain’t wearing make-up, and

c) I want to putter around and take my time decided what food to eat, without an audience of people who are no doubt judging me.

Seriously, it’s a Saturday night! Just go out or something. Or hang out in your rooms! I don’t mind you using the common area if you are actually doing something, like eating or watching a movie. But seriously. Leave.

This is why I need my own apartment, to myself. I just cannot wait until I graduate and move to where my job is and I can afford my own place.


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