Things We Need (not really)

My three most visited sites are Facebook, Netflix, and Wikipedia. I have no complaints with Wikipedia. I guess I don’t have any real complaints with Facebook or Netflix either, but I do have some suggestions.

Let’s start with Netflix.

Dear Netflix,

I love you. However, I have some ideas how you might improve.

  1. Create a new Star Trek series. You have all the other ones, and people love it. Please make a new one.
  2. Joking aside, the “My List” Feature, while better than in the past, leaves much to be desired. The problem is that there are only 2 options for sorting: Automatic and Manual. With Manual, the user has to manually put the items in order (who woulda thunk!). With Automatic, I assume there is some algorithm that organizes the List, but I don’t know how it works and it feels random to me. We need more sorting options. Here are the ones I would like: Alphabetically and By Genre. These seem like no-brainers. Also, I would like a function that allows the user to only see Movies or TV Shows from the list. Sometimes I am in the mood for a movie, but all the TV Shows on My List bog down my search. And vice versa.

If you could accomplish at least one of the above suggestions, that would be great! I mean, I’m not going to stop using your services if you don’t, but this would make me love you even more! Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing!


A Loyal Customer

And now for Facebook.

Dear Facebook,

I really enjoy your company. However, sometimes I get pissed off with the newsfeed you provide. Here is a suggestion for helping me overcome this:

I am not so very Facebook Savvy. I mean, I’m better than my Grandma, but not much. So I don’t know if you already have something like this.

You see, I really love pictures of dogs, babies, and friend’s weddings. I really hate pictures of cats and pictures of weddings of mere acquaintances (such as family members of my friends). You should create a function that a person can tag or list a photo with a pre-approved Facebook subject, like “Dog” “Cat” “Wedding” “Baby” or “Superhero.” Then, in my feed, I can select which subject I want to see on a particular day. Do I need my baby-fix and see all the posts of friend’s babies? Then I select “Baby” and all posts listed as such will appear, and only those posts. Say a friend or family member got married and various people are posting pictures. I select “Wedding” and BOOM all I see is wedding pics. Say I’m feeling cynically single, and I don’t want to see any annoying wedding photos. I simply deselect “Weddings” and BAM no more wedding photos!

See? This would be nice! Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing, and keep improving!


Your Friend and Follower

(But not Mark Zuckerberg’s friend OR follower)


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