Leaky Pipeline

You know what I hate? When things get ‘leaked’ online. Specifically, when movie trailers get leaked online and the production company has not choice but to release the trailer ahead of schedule. This pisses me off.

The most recent occurrences of this phenomenon were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel trailer on Dec. 9 and the Star Trek Beyond trailer today Dec. 14.

The first thing is this: the movie companies spend a lot of money on advertising. They spend a lot of time scheduling the releases of trailers. Sometimes, these releases are linked to special events.

The Star Trek trailer was supposed to be released as a preview with the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. How cool is that? As I have tickets to see SW:TFA, this made me extra excited for the film. But the trailer was leaked 4 days early, so Paramount officially released the trailer today.

But since we don’t actually care about the company’s advertising schemes, here is a little something that most people would not have thought about. There is probably a group of people that designed the trailers and planned for the release. They probably have a party planned, with a countdown to the release and everything. They want to celebrate the work they’ve done. And an early release of their work takes this away from them.

Let’s look at the case of the TMNT2 trailer. The evening before it was set to be released, Stephen Amell (who plays Casey Jones in the film) released a teaser, announcing that the full trailer would be out at 10 AM the next morning. How exciting for him and his fans! They would have been able to celebrate the trailer together! But later that night, the trailer was leaked and Paramount (I’m beginning to think they have a security problem) released the trailer early. Not 4 days early like with Star Trek, but almost a whole day early. This seriously took away from Stephen’s announcement. While I did not actually see the trailer until after it was scheduled to be released, I felt bad for Stephen and the people at Paramount who worked on the trailer.

So this is basically me saying I am going to do my best to steer clear of leaked movie secrets and whatnot. No matter how excited I am for the Star Trek Beyond trailer, I am going to wait to watch it until I see Star Wars, like I was supposed to. I don’t care if other people watch the early-released trailers, as long as they watch the official ones. But for me, it’s a personal matter of principle.


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